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Wedding Services

Newly engaged? Congratulations! Thank you so much for visiting my page and considering me as your potential makeup artist. Your wedding makeup is an investment that you not only wear on your special day, but that lasts a lifetime through your photographs.

Pricing varies depending on the day of the week, location and high demand dates. Please use the inquiry form on the contact page to send me your details so I can quote you accordingly.


B R I D A L   T R I A L S

Bridal trials are optional, but I highly recommend them! It's so nice going into your wedding day knowing exactly how you want your makeup look to be. Doing a trial allows you to test out your makeup beforehand and if any adjustments need to be made then we know ahead of time so that it's perfect for your big day. In addition, we can chat about products you may want to purchase before the wedding to touch up with, like your lipstick.

Trials are taken out of my studio in La Mesa during Monday - Thursdays.


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