About   Me

 Makeup Career

My love for makeup started at a young age, but once I graduated high school I became obsessed with it! I was doing makeup on anyone I could get my hands on and decided to take it to the next step and get a job in the industry. I applied at MAC Cosmetics and worked there for three years while building up my clientele and establishing myself in the wedding industry. I became too busy to do both and took the leap to commit to my own business in 2018. I have now been working in the makeup industry for over 6 years and absolutely love what I do. Being able to make people feel beautiful with my makeup skills fills me with so much joy and I feel so blessed to have found my passion in life. I love the creativity of makeup, but my favorite part of my job is meeting and connecting with so many wonderful women who I have the honor of doing makeup on for one of the most important days of their lives. I can accomplish any makeup look and understand the importance of different eye shapes, skin types, undertones and can give you a soft natural look or glam you up to the fullest! I am very punctual and am here to help you set up your morning timeline so that you can have an enjoyable start to your special day. I love to customize makeup based on what look you desire, that best represents YOU, so that you look and feel incredible.

Personal  Life

I love Jesus, my husband, my job, traveling, and my fur baby Bruno. I was born and raised in San Diego and I am 26 years old. My husband and I met when I was 17, got married when I was 22 and are living out our happily ever after in our little fixer upper home in La Mesa.

Fun Facts

Favorite TV show: The Office 

Favorite food: Italian 

In my free time I like to: Go hiking 

Favorite place: My fam's Baja Mexico house

Random: I was on The Price is Right in 2018 and won the show case round! In total I won over 41k of cash and prizes, which included a car and two international trips:)